Saturday, October 02, 2021

Keeping A Worry Free Consciousness

Keeping A Worry Free Consciousness

Does your mind become constantly pre-occupied with worries of what-if, how-to, when-will and so on? Do you look at your life and the world in negative ways as if there is always one or the other dominant threat? Relentless worry paralyzes our ability to handle challenges. It not only drains us but also attracts more negativity into our life. Are you caught in a habit of worrying? Do you write negative scripts about your life or that of your loved ones, constantly fearing the worst? Worry is an outcome of our mind creating negative thoughts. Most of our worries are about the past, are uncontrollable, or shall never materialize. But the negative vibrations of worry deplete us, radiate to our situations and can complicate them. We mostly worry for people in the name of love. Instead of worrying, let us care. Care radiates positive vibrations. By caring, we create the highest frequency thoughts and these thoughts attract positivity in life. Let us trust ourselves and our life to be beautiful. We don't need to worry. We have the power to change what can be changed, and accept what we cannot. 

Remind yourself everyday that you are a powerful being. Create your inner power. Use your power in every scene today. You are fearless. Live peace and thereby radiate it into the universe. Whatever may be the situations, respond calmly. Your life is beautiful, health is perfect, relationships are harmonious, career is successful. Don't worry about anything. Take care of your mind. After every hour pause for a minute to check your thoughts and change them if there is a slight trace of anxiety. Nurture your mind with meditation and spiritual study every day. Increase your inner power every day. Cultivate the resilience to face any pressure with stability. Focus on your karmas. Keep them right so you don't need to worry about your future. The consequences of your right thoughts, words and behaviour create a secure future for you. Worry about nothing. Even if there is a challenge, do not worry. You are a problem solver. Your inner stillness radiates power to the issue and shifts the situation from chaos to calm. Everything in your life is perfect and will always be.


Message for the day

To make use of situations in a positive way is to experience constant progress.

Expression: Each and every situation comes with a hidden blessing – a hidden opportunity. It of course brings challenges, challenges that could bring out the best potential from within. But the one who is caught up with only weaknesses never gets a chance to use these challenging situations as opportunities. On the other hand, the one who uses his potential is able to be from his weaknesses also.

Experience: When I am able to use all situations as opportunities to recognise and use my inner potential, I am able to be free from the influence of my weaknesses. This freedom gives me the ability to enjoy this moment without filling the mind with unnecessary doubts and questions. It gives the ability to bring about progress in my life, whatever the circumstance may be.