Thursday, October 14, 2021

My Thoughts Create My Destiny (Part 1)

My Thoughts Create My Destiny (Part 1)

Spiritual wisdom teaches us that happiness is independent of our accomplishments, possessions and relationships. Yet, some days we feel pleasant, some days anxious. Some days we are enthusiastic, some days dull. This means that sometimes our feelings are not in our control. The fact is that each of us can create feelings and destiny of our choice using Thought Power. How do thoughts manifest destiny? Answer is in a simple chain moving forward sequentially from our thoughts to feelings, attitude, actions, habits, personality and destiny. Let us understand how they work.

1. My Every Thought Generates My Feeling.

Thoughts are my creation. Every thought gives rise to a feeling, so how I feel is decided by the quality of my thought. So if I consciously create a pure, positive thought, I feel happy. Happiness is a feeling, an emotion and an experience I go through. Likewise I also experience feelings like peace, love, pain, anger. Suppose I create a thought - I enjoy working in this office. it generates a positive emotion and I feel happy. On the contrary, if I create a thought - I dislike working here, it generates a negative emotion and I feel dejected. My inner power depletes so my job feels tougher as I get weaker. Instead, if I think - I have challenges at office but will face them, my positivity helps me to overcome them.

2. My Feelings Develop My Attitude.

My thoughts create feelings at every moment whether in my relationships, workplace or a shopping mall. Everyone is who they are, everything is what it is. But how I feel about people and situations over a period develops my attitude towards them, determining whether I accept, respect or reject them. So if I create a thought - I enjoy working in this office over a period of time, the resulting happiness defines my attitude about my office - one of belongingness.

Tomorrow we will go through subsequent elements of the chain leading to creation of destiny.


Message for the day

The one who follows the right method gets easy success.

Expression: When there is a clear aim of what has to be done and how one has to go about doing it, then there is accuracy in all words and actions. Whatever effort is put in is according to the system and is naturally accurate.  So when there is accuracy in all that is done, the fruit of that is also right.

Experience: When I have been following the right method for whatever I have to do, I am able to remain happy for the effort that I have put in.  I am also able to be patient and wait for the fruit of my effort to come at its own time. I am never in a hurry, so I always experience success whatever the outcome of the task may be.