Sunday, October 03, 2021

Say I Will, Not I Will Try

Say I Will, Not I Will Try

When wanting to do something, we often say Let me try, instead of Let me do. Trying is different from doing it. The word try radiates an energy of doubt to the mind, body and universe. It permits us to put ordinary efforts, to fail and to disown responsibility for the result. It is like accepting defeat at the starting point. Whether it is a change in your habit or a new project at work, do you convey your ability by saying Let me try? Do you sense the word try putting a subtle ceiling on your efforts, and negatively influencing the result already? The words will try and will do are at completely different energy levels. Trying is a low-energy word which slows down success or makes failure a possibility. It doesn't let us give our best. Let us begin every task on a strong foundation by confidently saying I will do. It's highest vibration becomes a blessing for us. It also sends the same message to the universe and attract success. Let's delete try from our vocabulary. When our initial thoughts and words are powerfully positive, our determination makes us do everything accurately. 

Remind yourself everyday many times that you are a powerful being. Do whatever you decide to do. Set clear goals and be sure how you will achieve them. Give your best as you work on them. Support your goals with a strong willpower. Think, decide and implement immediately. Don't postpone, never say let me try. Be certain about your goals and purpose and make sure there is no element of doubt or fear. Always believe, don't just desire. Take action, don't just try. Own responsibility, don't just hope. Always achieve in every sphere of life, don't just attempt. Ensure that your inner conversations are positive, program your mind for success even before you begin an activity. Use only high-energy words like I can do it…it's very easy…I will do it. As you will raise your vibrations, fear and doubts will fade away and your positivity will radiate to situations and attract favorable events and people and make you successful.


Message for the day

To look at and appreciate specialities is to become special.

Expression: Life constantly offers opportunities to look at specialities. The one who has the habit of looking at these specialities is able to imbibe these specialities within himself. He is able to become more special with looking at only specialities constantly. So also, the one who looks at others' weaknesses subconsciously imbibes those weaknesses within himself. And these weaknesses are expressed in one's actions too.

Experience: When I form a habit of looking only at specialities, I am able to become richer. My personality changes positively as I have imbibed the habit of looking only at the positive aspects of the others. Also for having looked at others' specialities I find that others also begin to look at my specialities. Thus I am able to win the love and regard of all, and I become truly special.